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Prabu's Quantum Therapy is entirely different from other therapy method, we use Quantum Physics to diagnose a disease and treat it. This was not done still now. No one has used this type of diagnosing technique to a patient. Only Prabu's Quantum Therapy is using this unique diagnosing technique in the world. This is a different system of treatment, it is Prabu's Quantum Therapy. it is a new concept to use in your practice. After learning this you will use first Prabu's Quantum therapy for effective results in your daily practice. It's not TCM, Classical, or Sujok method.



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Feedback from Doctorate in physics professor

- Dr. Haris Muthiah [Coimbatore]

I am Dr.M.Haris working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics. I have done PG in 1. Nuclear Physics 2. Physics of Nanomaterials 3. Physical Optics 4. Mechanics and Properties of Matter I have already learned Acupuncture treatment therapy. Recently I have registered myself to learn Prabu’s Quantum therapy treatment in the website online. I have watched all the videos. Though I am learning and teaching Quantum physics, Electromagnetism, Optics, I myself very astonished to see that acupuncture is very mush connected with quantum entanglement, wave-function and vibrations of body cells. Prabu’s quantum therapy is wonderful to see that diagnosis based on quantum entanglement and just two or four needling done enhances the health improvement of patients. It’s a wonderful idea. Have to diagnose many patients through this therapy technology and I will do wonders in this quantum therapy based acupuncture treatment. Will come with more results in my next messages. I request everyone who is reading my message must know how science is involved in acupuncture treatment and those who practices ACU should know this method and can be benefited by this Prabu’s quantum therapy method. Thank you

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