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Sinusitis Treatment in Salem

Acute sinusitis is a bacterial infection of paranasal sinuses which usually follows acute upper respiratory tract infection, nasal allergy or dental abscess or extraction, or is super imposed on existing chronic sinusitis. The condition is characterized by pain, tenderness, redness and swelling over the involved sinus. Nasal mucosa is a congested and purulent nasal discharge is present.

The pain of sinusitis is maximum in the morning when the patient wakes up and gradually diminishes as the upright posture facilitates drainage. Pain increases on stooping. In maxillary sinusitis pain is referred to teeth and eyes, while in frontal sinusitis it is felt in the roof or the orbit. Pain is located between and behind the eyes in ethmoid sinusitis. The involved sinuses appear hazy on X-ray as transillumination. Recurrent acute sinusitis may lead to chronic sinusitis or complications like orbital cellulitis, osteomyelitis of the skull bones, meningitis, brain abscess and bronchiectasis.


The symptoms of acute sinusitis include:

Nasal discharge
Nasal obstruction
Facial pressure
Tenderness and swelling over the affected sinus
Hyposmia – a reduced ability to smell

Usually, acute sinusitis develops after a common cold. The other causes include:

Viral, bacterial or fungal infections
Allergic reactions or environmental factors
The causative risk factors are:
Nasal polyps or tumors: The tissue growths can blocks the sinuses
Deviated nasal septum: it restricts or blocks sinus passages
Weakened Immune System
Cystic fibrosis: A disease that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the body
Self care
Hold a moist and warm washcloth over the sinuses to loosen congestion.
Use a humidifier to loosen the congestion.
rink plenty of fluids to thin mucus.

Acupuncture treatment for sinusitis is known to be a very successful in a large number of people and acceptance all around the world. Even after surgery acupuncture can help to lessen the symptoms as well as provide long term remedy for sinus related to allergies and chronic inflammation. Acupuncture provides instant symptomatic relief as well as eliminating the root cause.

Patients can breathe easily through their nose within 20 minutes. In order to achieve a long-lasting result, it takes minimum 10 to 12 treatments to balance the immune function and reduce inflammation in the sinus.

Self care
Immediate symptomatic relief is obtained.
For sustained relief long term acupuncture therapy is advised.
In the acute stage, appropriate antibiotics should also be administered.