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Migraine & Headache

The headache is usually on one side, and hence called as Hemicrania, It starts with heavy head, early in the morning and intense headache during the day time which spreads on the both sides, Photophobia and redness in the eyes are present. Eyes are painful and patients gets black spots in front of the eyes, even if the eyes are closed. This is diagnostic sign of migraine. Nausea and giddiness are present. In severe cases there are chances of patient going into third nerve paralysis. This typical type of headache is relived by deep sleep. Deep sleep is a temporary solution for migraine

Migraine should be differentiated from cluster headache which has an onset at night and lasts for an hour or two.

Most patients experience the first migraine headache between the ages of 10 and 30 years, although about 25% will recall childhood vomiting attacks or motion sickness. About 60-70% of patients are women.

Participating causes of Migraine
Travel Sickness
Excess alcohol especially beer
Emotional tension
Fluorescent light like TV
Excess sexual activity
acidity & Indigestion
premenstrual edema of the brain
Vision defect

We Provide relief for migraine headaches by acupuncture within very few sessions. Our acupuncture specialist is well experienced in treating migraine only by acupuncture in the way of drugless treatment and there is no side effects.