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About Us

Propound and Founder of Prabu's Quantum Therapy is D. PrabuShankar with his own experience derived this new concept of diagnosing and treating a patient.

PrabuShankar D. (Acu), MD (Acu) (Chinese Medicine) from University for Complementary Medicine in Colombo from Prof Dr Sir Anton Jayasuriya.

Clinical Internship done. 22 years of experience in acupuncture practice and 11 years of experience in clinical documentation to USA hospitals

He has been using this unique way of treating and asserting values from each and every case. He have analyzed each and every patient by combing western and eastern methods to validate definitive diagnosis and treat accordingly. So he has paved a path of his own using the both medical knowledge as a tool and used this method to have easy diagnosis and treatment for tough cases to handle.

He has done 11 years of clinical documentation as medical language specialist.

Through this he has gained immense knowledge of Western Medical System with all verticals and specialities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to encourage people to follow a natural way of life, and to help them activate their innate ability to fight diseases without drugs so that they do not suffer from preventable diseases and thus, the economic burden on the weaker section of the society is reduced.

Our Purpose

To promote benefits of a drugless and natural healing and provide these treatments to all strata of society so that their dependency on conventional drug minimizes and the society at large is able to lead a healthier life naturally.