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PQT online course Feedback

- Beena Abdulsalam [Riyadh, Saudi Arabia]

I am a healer from Kerala, now practicing in Saudi Arabia Recently I did PQT online course and am really overwhelmed by its diagnosing procedure and treatment. It’s simple and easy to operate. Testimonials: I used to get neck pain quite often, but simply diagnosed by Prabu sir and it vanished within an hour. Next day I had very dull neck pain for few hours and gone after treating. After that, I don’t have neck pain. One of my patients came with severe rib pain in chest area, after diagnosing, I did treatment and after returning home, she said she is feeling energetic and pain subsided. She is ready to continue treatment as it gave her good relief. Treated my husband for leg pain with the help of Prabu Sir, after diagnosing and he too felt very energetic and pain reduced. Smile thanks to Prabu Sir for awakening me and society with the importance of Quantum Theory in human body.

Feedback from Kolkata therapist after online PQT learning,

- Nituu Jain [Kolkata ]

I am Nitu jain an acupressure therapist.I did PQT course online.PQT is entirely different and effective method. It will help me in diagnosis .In this therapy we can treat patient only by two - four needling. I will keep posted once I start treating patients. Thank you sir

Feedback from Doctorate in physics professor

- Dr. Haris Muthiah [Coimbatore]

I am Dr.M.Haris working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics. I have done PG in 1. Nuclear Physics 2. Physics of Nanomaterials 3. Physical Optics 4. Mechanics and Properties of Matter I have already learned Acupuncture treatment therapy. Recently I have registered myself to learn Prabu’s Quantum therapy treatment in the website online. I have watched all the videos. Though I am learning and teaching Quantum physics, Electromagnetism, Optics, I myself very astonished to see that acupuncture is very mush connected with quantum entanglement, wave-function and vibrations of body cells. Prabu’s quantum therapy is wonderful to see that diagnosis based on quantum entanglement and just two or four needling done enhances the health improvement of patients. It’s a wonderful idea. Have to diagnose many patients through this therapy technology and I will do wonders in this quantum therapy based acupuncture treatment. Will come with more results in my next messages. I request everyone who is reading my message must know how science is involved in acupuncture treatment and those who practices ACU should know this method and can be benefited by this Prabu’s quantum therapy method. Thank you

Online Feedback

- Dr.Jayabintharan [Malaysia +60 12-251 4909]

I am Dr.Jayabintharan Siddha Varma Medical Practitioner‎.I am trained specialist by Russian scientist on Gas Discharge Visualization which able to diagnose based energetic diagnosis on various bodies in terms of physiology and psycho-emotion. I have been practising Quantum Varma using some most advance Quantum Devices invented by Russian scientist for their space program and special elite that works on Biological ‎ Active Points(BAP). I have been doing a lot of research on Quantum Entanglement Science hoping to work on the patients.While doing research,Spirit has guided me to Dr.Prabu's website. I knew it the moment I start reading his explanation on quantum entanglement.It started resonating me very well.I knew deep inside me that I have come across forgotten ancient healing science on Quantum Entanglement.  I have just completed all the videos and I simply have no words to express the gratitude to Dr.Prabhu on his revelation to this science. His method of diagnosis is fast,simple and powerful.You don't really need to rely on medical technologies to diagnose.We are the most advance device ever created.We don't have to worry about diseases.All we have to do is diagnose and facilitate.What impressed me also is his method doesn't require many acupuncture or varma points to stimulate.This is simply amazing. His innovative approach to introduce PQT to the world via online is beyond explanation.I foresee that PQT is the future medicine.Future medicine is here and now I will keep posted once I start treating clients.‎

Results of PQT

- Dr. Khamkar [Mumbai]

+91 96899 12356: A 36 yrs old female patient suffering from severe neck pain & vertigo. she is teacher by profession. she consulted 3 diff orthopedics for her problem but didn't get relief. i did PQT for 10 days now she is 100% symptoms free. Thank You sir

Sujok Camp did PQT

- Jasjeet Suri [Chandigarh +91 98155 95199]

In the Sujok Camp did PQT for many patients with good response ..... 👍🏻😊...... Thanks

How would be Prabu's Quantum Therapy treatment outcome?

- Kamal Raj [Varanasi]

While comparing with standard acupuncture or sujok you would get faster and better results with precision of your diagnosis.

Do Prabu's Quantum Therapy use equipments or instruments?

- Manikandan [Chennai]

This method uses only your perception to diagnose and you are going to design a protocol to treat the patient, as this method cannot be used in a standard formula format. You would know each and every patient is different and each and every disease patter to that patient is different. So no confusion with what protocol to be used to each and every patient.

Why Prabu's Quantum Therapy is called 21st Century Acupuncture?

- John [Hyderabad]

Because it uses Quantum Mechanics to diagnose and we can treat accordingly.

What I have experienced the difference? why all should learn Prabu's Quantum Therapy?

- Vikram Kumar [Mumbai]

The level of understanding about acupuncture based on Quantum Mechanics was not told in internet or in books. One would have new insight about acupuncture and its dynamics in a new perspective. Through which one can easily diagnose the root cause of all diseases and treat accordingly with good results than traditional way.