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Mahesh B Chavan

maheshchavan703@gmail.com, 9594581277

Hello Everybody, I am Mshesh Chavan practicing Tung, TCM, Auricular Pulse , from Thane - Maharshtra. I did online course PQT 2 days back. Sir's concept is very unique and learning online was a very nice experience. It is very easy to understand and practice therapy. Apart from the technique the theory answers all your questions why other therapies also work. The theory will change your approach to your environment. I am very thankful to Sir.


drgopa95@gmail.com, +919447583630

Namaskaram : Global PQT & PQTites. I am Dr Gopakumar a Homeopath & Acupuncturist from Kerala, an online PQT student just finished the online course on 22nd Oct 2018. To begin with let me pay my heartfelt obeisance’s to my Guru Prabushankar for calling me as soon as I registered for the online course. Each day he enquired about the course videos and encouraged me how to begin with even without giving me a chance to call him. I have only heard that Guru will find the disciple and teach the divine science, here I experienced it. Any doubts were cleared within no time. I was surprised how he managed to cater to all the questions from so many disciples immediately. After completing this online course I wanted to give it a try and I sent him the patient’s pictures and he responded immediately. The PQT course is an eye opener and enlightenment also. Very easy to diagnose and treat as well for any healers. I strongly believe that PQT will revolutionize the world not only in healing but in different modalities. Once again all praise to Guru Prabushankar and his divine wisdom.


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I am healer RAMDASS NARAYANASAMI Acupuncturist from Vaniyambadi Vellore District Tamil Nadu. I have done MD (Acu) in Attama, advanced Dorn Therapy, Basic Sujok Therapy, Reiki Grand Master, Basic Pranic healing, AuriculoTherapy , Padaguasa Therapy etc....I came to know Prabu's Quantum Therapy workshop in Chennai on every second Sunday of the month through the website. On 14th October 2018, I attended the workshop in Chennai. I am surprised to see the Acupuncture is very much connected with Quantum entanglement and vibration of body cells. PQT is wonderful to see that diagnosis based on Quantum entanglement and just 2 or 4 needling done enhances the health improvement of patients. This is a different system of treatment and PQT is a new concept to use in our practice. After the PQT workshop, Founder of PQT examined me and found possible disease and entangled organs in PQT. This treatment was given by putting only 4 needles for Vertigo and constipation, which was diagnosed by healer Prabu Shankar (Founder of PQT). Today 16th October 2018, I found very comfortable without the intake of Vertigo medicines. My friend Dr. Murugesan from Chengam enquired about PQT workshop details, I requested Dr. Murugesan to attend this PQT workshop in Chennai next month second Sunday. I am glad to say that God has given me a precious opportunity to attend the PQT workshop in Chennai and I appreciate Mr. Prabu Shankar Founder of PQT. My thanks to the founder of PQT.

Dr. Haris Muthiah

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am Dr.M.Haris working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics. I have done PG in 1. Nuclear Physics 2. Physics of Nanomaterials 3. Physical Optics 4. Mechanics and Properties of Matter I have already learned Acupuncture treatment therapy. Recently I have registered myself to learn Prabu’s Quantum therapy treatment in the website online. I have watched all the videos. Though I am learning and teaching Quantum physics, Electromagnetism, Optics, I myself very astonished to see that acupuncture is very mush connected with quantum entanglement, wave-function and vibrations of body cells. Prabu’s quantum therapy is wonderful to see that diagnosis based on quantum entanglement and just two or four needling done enhances the health improvement of patients. It’s a wonderful idea. Have to diagnose many patients through this therapy technology and I will do wonders in this quantum therapy based acupuncture treatment. Will come with more results in my next messages. I request everyone who is reading my message must know how science is involved in acupuncture treatment and those who practices ACU should know this method and can be benefited by this Prabu’s quantum therapy method. Thank you