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Know About Secondary Food Allergy

Posted by Admin February 08, 2019

Many patients, when faced with the seriousness of their health problems, have been led to believe that these health problems are preordained within their genes. This attitude has led to a society that often feels that their only hope is to manage their inherited and preordained health problems with drugs, rather than work on their health and do the many positive therapeutic actions that can correct their problems.


A wealth of recent research in genetics has revealed that our genetic design is not static, but rather a fluid and variable expression that is dependent on many factors that are able to be altered by our choices in life, primarily affecting the epigenome and its control of our genetic trait switches and interactions.


The best approach to disease prevention and treatment is restoration of the complex homeostatic mechanisms evolved in our bodies, as well as the homeostasis evolved in our environment to promote healthy life and longevity. This approach is proven to even prevent disease in patients who have inherited a propensity toward specific diseases.


The term homeostasis refers to the natural tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements both within and outside of the body, maintained by physiological processes. This holistic system is what keeps us healthy, and our genetic and epigenetic data is part of this coordination, constantly changing to meet the demands of our environment, and altered by innumerable environmental signals and controls, especially viral genetic data.


Studies reveal that many environmental factors, including diet, medical treatment, physical activity, environmental toxins, and even behavioral and cognitive activities for example emotional traumas can alter the expression of our genes, even in the womb. A strong Defensive Qi can prevent a person from catching various illnesses or having a reaction to allergens.


Use PQT diagnosis to determine where the Defensive Qi needs strengthening placing needles in points that will rebuild the Defensive Qi and help the patient strengthen their immune system. When the body encounters pathogens or allergens, there are complex reactions that the immune system/Defensive Qi regulates to mediate the effects on the body.


The body depends on balanced energy in the various organs and meridians that control the Defensive Qi to maintain this defense system. Things that weaken the immune system are overexposure to harmful pathogens, excessive use of antibiotics, poor diet, excessive use of alcohol or substances and stress.


A depleted immune system makes us more susceptible to colds, flu’s, and allergies. If the Defensive Qi is not treated and balanced, a simple condition such as a cold can become chronic and which leads to secondary allergy. Secondary allergy or biphasic anaphylaxis is the same as anaphylaxis. They may differ in severity, though. Symptoms of the second phase of anaphylaxis are typically mild or moderate.


A depleted immune system people will have more secondary allergic reaction which they are unaware off, and more people and doctors are unaware of its emergence. As the patient is not aware of it, it might be their daily consuming foods which after immune system compromise they get this reaction which usually happens after consumption of that food the reaction starts 8 to 10 hours later and they will say they have no problem with that food, without knowing it as the cause and they will be taking it regularly.


For example gluten allergy, north Indian people staple food is wheat, after the immune compromising they get Diarrhea, Constipation and Smelly Feces, Abdominal Pain, Headache, feeling tired, skin problems like rashes, depression and unexplained weight loss.


Now you can imagine the seriousness of the issue, as for the above symptoms they will be treated and scanned with different drugs, without stopping the consumption of wheat. In PQT you will know how to handle these kind of patients problems, as we are not going to treat their primary symptoms as said above, but instead we are going to clear the root cause of the problem in that we can identify exact root cause and clear it easily without patient telling it.


When the body encounters airborne or food allergens and/or pathogens, it becomes inflamed. This inflammatory response is termed Wind in Oriental Medicine. There are two kinds of wind: Wind Cold and Wind Heat. Wind Cold refers to allergen reaction such as runny eyes, drippy nose and sneezing. Some viral infections have this pattern, though they can also have a heat aspect like a fever.


Wind Heat is more representative of bacterial infection with dark yellow or green phlegm, definite fever and aches. In both instances the energy of the body is deregulated. Allergies are the end product of the immune system misidentifying an allergen as an invading pathogen. The immune system throws all the immune responses at the allergen as if it is a virus or bacteria. The problem with this is that the immune response can’t kill the allergen as it does with a virus therefore lessening the immune response. Instead the immune response becomes constant and the patient has a continuous runny nose and itchy eyes.


Undiagnosed food allergies can cause chronic joint and muscle pain, asthma, chronic sinus congestion, as well as inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, and a host of digestive issues. Innate immunity is the baseline of your immunity system; it is made up by your DNA lineage and the genetics of your parents.


Adaptive immunity evolves as you are exposed to various pathogens and develop recognition and memory of the pathogens and develop specific defenses. The adaptability of your immune system is what allows acupuncture and PQT to work.


If any medicine or therapy which uses water, then PQT can be used in that medicine and therapy, as our body is made up of 60% water:  If any religion or belief system uses water, then PQT can be used in that religion or belief system: Because Quantum is in air, water, and in every atom it is present so it is inevitable to avoid this knowledge. Learn this knowledge to get a new dimensional view of your world!


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