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Health tips about Obesity: From Healer PrabuShankar (PQT);

Posted by Admin February 08, 2019

Now people are crazy about being slim, and most people go with very restricted diet which is very costlier than normal diet. I would like to shed some light on current presumed epidemic of being obese, and assumed that being slim is healthy.


All need to know basic understanding about our body mechanism and you have to decide what is wrong and what is right as per your body’s behavior and your body’s needs.


The misnomer epidemic of obesity has become pandemic now. Do you know People who are made slim by dieting have more problems than who have normal lifestyle and they are easy to get infections and have no resistance to the environment climate changes?


Each individual are unique and their bone size determines how much muscle mass should be around their body, so individual who violate this will have their immunity compromised and they will have osteoporosis or osteopenia due to not eating necessary nutrients which their bone needs to have its shape maintained. So they can have fracture easily with a fall.


What is the use of being slim with fractures and pain, due to osteopenia many muscle and bone related illness they would contract. What is Health? When this question comes we will have different sets of answers based on each individual’s conditioned learning and reasoning. But as a whole it depends upon each individual’s social, emotional, spiritual-soul, environmental, occupational, intellectual, physical wellness, and emotional wellness.


As each his/her routine in day-to-day lifestyle differs from each individual that also should be taken into account before separating into normal ratio BMI. About 50 years ago people who are thin and lean were considered poor; those who had muscle mass were considered rich and healthy. Our country is rich in agriculture and majority of people were doing farming then how they were lean?


Why they were lean, because it is the costume of Indian people to take food in early morning around 7 or 8 AM and in the evening only i.e., they will eat evening food around 5 or 6 PM, only two times in a day. After that they will sleep around 7 PM and wake up at 4 AM. This was the normal routine.


Only in festival times they will consume food in the afternoon. As the technology grown so do our laziness and over consumption of food started. Fertilizers and pesticides were introduced in farming which were enforced all to follow. Due to fertilizer all the earthworms were eradicated and natural taste and smell of food gone from there on over consumption of food started.


So most of current generation do not know the actual natural taste and aroma of food. So junk food entered and pampered as modern way of living, which was not nutritious food for our body. In day-to-day life people used all motorized equipment in the name of saving time and energy, which lead to storing more food energy in the body.


The Seven Countries Study In the year 1958, an American scientist called Ancel Keys started a study called the Seven Countries Study, which examined the association between diet and cardiovascular disease in different countries. You can note all studies which they conduct are in the favor of commercialization.


The study revealed that the countries where fat consumption was the highest had the most heart disease, supporting the idea that dietary fat caused heart disease. The problem is that he intentionally left out: Countries where people eat a lot of fat but have little heart disease, such as Holland and Norway. Countries where fat consumption is low but the rate of heart disease is high, such as Chile.


Basically, he only used data from the countries that supported his theory, a process known as cherry picking. This cherry picking kind of study is done for all diseases to those diseases which can be controlled with proper diet. This flawed observational study gained massive media attention and had a major influence on the dietary guidelines of the next few decades. In 1977, an American committee of the U.S. senate led by George McGovern published the first Dietary Goals For The United States in order to reverse the epidemic of heart disease in the country.


These guidelines received major criticism at the time from many respected scientists like John Yudkin (who insisted that sugar was to blame) and the American Medical Association. Basically, the dietary goals were: Eat less fat and cholesterol. Less refined and processed sugars. More complex carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and grains. These guidelines were picked up by the USDA. Basically, a low-fat, high-carb diet for everyone..


The whole guidelines were based on observational studies made by biased scientists and had nothing even closely resembling scientific proof to back them up. Since then, many randomized controlled trials have shown that this dietary approach doesn't really work for the people it was meant to help. An interesting fact is that the obesity epidemic started around the time these guidelines were published and the type 2 diabetes epidemic followed soon after. Nutrition Is Stuck in a Paradigm Based on Bad Science. It is important to realize the massive significance of this.


This idea that saturated fat caused heart disease was the cornerstone of modern nutrition policy and the reason health authorities turned away from a higher fat diet rich in animal foods, towards a low-fat, high-carb diet with plenty of grains. Even though saturated fat has now been shown to be harmless, modern nutrition is still stuck in that same paradigm based on cherry picking and plain bad science.


Many nutrition organizations are still preaching the low-fat, high-carb dogma that has pretty much been proven to be ineffective for the majority of people. Cherry picking randomized trial is NOT based on your area climate, your seasons, nature of your soil, nature of the plants which grow in it, what kind of minerals and nutrition washed in your water which you drink.


These are the factors which should be considered for any randomized trial they do which is applicable only for 300 or 200 kilometers. Every 200 kilometers the geography changes, climate changes and these should be implemented in all normal readings from blood sugar, BP when taken as normal value for each person in that area. Only this will give a solution for healthy better way of finding normal value for all conditions. This includes BMI indexing and making you fear that you are overweight and not a healthy person. This will create an anxiety to person who is in his normal well being and he/she will start to worry about his/her weight and start to spend money to be unhealthy.


There are certain factors which you can check if you are in normal well being or not. Example if you are able to bend, twist, and stretch like doing a surya namaskar then you are healthy. If they are unhealthy even if they are very slim they cannot bend, twist, and stretch. If you are unable to do, do not worry about it, try it daily and your body will cope to it and you will do it.


So do not worry about being fat or lean, keeping your mind, body clear about these thoughts is important to be healthy. In an environment that stimulates the consumption of unhealthy food and discourages physical activity, many people are unable to stick to the behaviors needed to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Now obesity is a big market involving you to spend more money to be unhealthy and regain the same weight in no time.


We have been educated from our schools about the comparison and ration value to be normal without leaving the children to explore his/her own potential capabilities and possibilities. All school children’s were treated like a machine not as human being, so comparison started in this way in children’s mind to be like them or to be like him, not as what he is. So the size zero game in weight was also introduced in the schools, for playing and doing any games.


Physiological issues and social compulsion to be as an actor or actress was educated from school and parents too try to be other person and discourage as being his own self. Now when people realize that size zero is a mind game introduced to spend more money what you have earned and make you unhealthy lifestyle.


From this your anxiety starts after spending so much money for being slim and still you are in the same weight, then you have to think about what is being healthy and why in all advertisements and institutions recommend to be slim. Obesity is a market failure and personal responsibility will not solve it alone. Some of the world’s top obesity experts are also overweight.


Clearly, knowledge alone is not enough to keep a healthy weight. a range of cognitive biases that hinder rational decision-making. Most of our daily decisions are made in an instant, without reflection. But experiments also show that contextual cues influence us much more than we realize. We have been schooled and made people to have more cognitive dissonance to a subject what they know. All must know how they look at the system of medicine difference before going into our obesity subject to know its deeper root from western and eastern way of seeing a patient or a problem in them.


The difference between the two medicines is greater than that between their descriptive languages. The actual logical structure underlying the methodology, the habitual mental operations that guide the physician's clinical insight and critical judgment differs radically in the two traditions.


Medical perception in different historical periods could apply as well to these different cultural traditions: "Not only the names of diseases, not only the grouping of systems were not the same; but the fundamental perceptual codes that were applied to patients' bodies, the field of objects to which observation addressed itself, the surfaces and depths traversed by the doctor's gaze, the whole system of orientation of his gaze also varies.


The two different logical structures have pointed the two medicines in different directions. Western medicine, is primarily concerned with solvable disease categories or agents of disease, which it zeroes in on, isolates, and tries to change, control, or destroy. A circumscribed entity is the privileged ideal of the system.


The western physician starts with a symptom, then searches for the underlying mechanism a precise cause for a specific disease may affect various parts of the body, but it is a relatively well-defined, self-contained phenomenon. Precise diagnosis frames an exact, quantifiable description of a narrow area. The physician's logic is analytic-cutting through the accumulation of bodily phenomena on one single entity or cause.


The Chinese physician, in contrast, directs his or her attention to the complete physiological and psychological individual. All relevant information, including the symptom as well as the patient's other general characteristics, is gathered and woven together until it forms what Chinese medicine calls a "pattern of disharmony." This pattern of disharmony describes a situation of "imbalance" in a patient's body.


Oriental diagnostic technique does not turn up a specific disease entity or a precise cause, but renders workable, description of a whole person. The question of cause and effect is always secondary to the overall pattern. One does not ask, what is causing this but rather, what is the relationship between this and that. The chinese are interested in discerning the relationships in human activities occurring at the same time.


The logic of Chinese medicine is organism or synthetic, attempting to organize symptoms and signs into understandable configurations. The total configurations, the patterns of disharmony, provide the framework for treatment. The therapy then attempts to bring the configuration into balance, to restore harmony to the individual. This difference between western and eastern perception can be illustrated by stomach pain as having peptic ulcer disease.


From the western doctor's perspective, based on the analytic tendency to narrow diagnosis to an underlying entity, all the patients suffer from the same disorder but from they look all possible scenarios like damp heat affecting the spleen. Deficient yin affecting the stomach. Exhausted fire of the middle burner. Disharmony of the liver invading the spleen.


Disharmony of congealed blood in the stomach. So the Chinese doctor, searching for and organizing signs and symptoms that a western doctor might never heard, distinguishes six patterns of disharmony where western medicine perceives only one disease.


The patterns of disharmony are similar to what the west calls diseases in that their discovery tells the physician how to prescribe treatment. But they are different from diseases because they cannot be isolated from the patient in whom they occur. To western medicine, understanding an illness means uncovering a distinct entity that is separate from the patient's being; to Chinese medicine, understanding means perceiving the relationships among all the patient's signs and symptoms in the context of his or her life.


When confronted by a patient with stomach pain, the western physician must look beyond the screen of symptoms for an underlying pathological mechanism a peptic ulcer in this case, but it could have been an infection or a tumor or a nervous disorder.


A Chinese physician examining the same patient must discern a pattern of disharmony made up of the entire accumulation of symptoms and signs. The Chinese method is based on the idea that no single part can be understood except in its relation to the whole.


A symptom, therefore, is not traced back to a cause, but is looked at as a part of a totality. If a person has a complaint or symptom, Chinese medicine wants to know how the symptom fits into the patient's entire being and behavior. Illness is situated in the context of a person's life and biography. Understanding that overall pattern, with the symptom as part of it, is the challenge of Chinese medicine.


The Chinese system is not less logical than the western, just less analytical.

Final Conculsion is that whatever method you follow, what ever activity you do from Quantum point of view, Quantum plays a major role in your preceived health and wellbeing!

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