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Quantum in TCM, Ayurveda, Siddha:

Posted by Admin September 19, 2019

This write-up was written because many scholars and masters think Quantum is a pseudoscience. This could mean they were disproved scientifically, can't be tested or lack of evidence to support them. From science point of view it is collection of assertions that do not satisfy the requirements and practices of true science. No natural phenomena or processes previously unknown to science have ever been discovered by pseudoscience, this is how we have been educated about science.


DNA conducts electricity. Our body is made up of 60% water. So we have both electric and magnetic field circulating in our body, which generates bioplasma, and Ayurveda and Siddha medicine deals with it very effeciantly. In Ayurveda they call it as ida/pingala and sushumna nadis. Electromagnetism in our body is like a superconductor in our body, which circulates our body and thermoregulation plays a major role in having this electromagnetism to work efficiently. Bioelectric field in our body or body’s energy field is real, not an imaginary aura, now it can be measured with instruments and body’s energy field which protects our body from external vibrations and frequencies, when those fields are disturbed then comes our illnesses. Whenever an atom is disturbed with frequency or vibration it changes its properties.


The notion of science needs a new definition when it comes to Quantum. As to prove it took nearly 50 years to satisfy requirements of so called true science to accept quantum and hence today our laptops and many gadgets got smaller because they used quantum mechanism in it.


From a layman point of view 100 years ago when you show the working of magnetism and electricity, it was deemed magic and evil. As they were unaware about the nature of quantum and background science within it.


Likewise the use of Quantum in human body is new now it is termed as NeuroQuantology and they think it is pseudoscience as they do not have equipment to have measureable same exact outcome in all people. When each human is distinct and unique in all aspect of life then from quantum it is hard to satisfy the requirement of so called true science.


In TCM, Ayurveda, and Siddha they have used quantum principles and mechanism in a different way and benefited from it. So in most of the India the use of quantum principles are embedded in day to day life, so they are unaware of the significance of quantum in daily life.


India is a country of 30,000 religions (British came and united all into one religion naming it as Hinduism), and all religions coexisted because of knowing quantum principles and its uses. Embedding of quantum principles in daily life is beyond recorded time.


Science about spirit and soul can be difficult for researchers to study because its treatments are often complex and are based on ideas very different from those of modern Western medicine.


In olden days without use of the spirit and soul no treatment was done, you can take any medicine for that instance Ayurveda, siddha, unani, TCM, Roman and Greek medicine all have this as the bases of their treatments. They had very advanced version of alchemy, where they turned nine deadly poisons metals and minerals into medicine and consumed with good relief of their problems and were sharing this knowledge ages together, and those medicine which now turned into superstitious and unhealthy as we have lost those knowledge in time.


They understood well about the nature and as we are part of nature, they know the use of vibrations and frequency its influence in our body. They know how these vibrations from planets affect us and how to prevent from oncoming diseases.


They know about Quantum principles well and know the role of connectedness and consciousness and used those as the base for all healing modalities which we forgot our very nature of identity. They know about quantum properties well and its role in our body, and how platonic solids are used in our body and they thought in a different style which the translators mistranslated and most of the current books contains those mistranslated texts which we now and follow as authentic books.


From western point of view they want measureable outcome with standard output for every people. This is not possible in nature, as each one of the people is unique. Each one’s uniqueness was respected and taken care by the olden medicine system.


They gave more importance to prevention of diseases, so you can see in India, our culture is built upon the prevention of a disease or condition rather than treating the disease or condition. So the society is built on the fundamentals of Quantum principle, so it is embedded in our daily life, to know more about these principles applications you must learn PQT.


After British came and saw the amazing health of the people, to destroy it and introduce their money making methods they inherited spirit and soul are superstitious belief system to every school and college which they deemed as modern science and true science. Their parents were practicing it but the children were not practicing the way of preventive lifestyle as their forefathers.


First you must know history is created by victor who can manipulate and turn the truth.


Written by Healer PrabuShankar

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